Friday, March 19, 2010

First Outreach Workshop Pictures

Our first outreach event was a huge success! See post below for a description of the event. Here are some more pictures:
Student participation at the beginning of our workshop. In this photo, our undergraduate engineering students are collaborating with the middle school participants to help design their egg-drop systems. The goal was to design a structure to protect an egg from a 2nd or 3rd floor drop test. Middle school students were divided into 5 different 4-member groups.

Students presenting their designs to the group

Group names and slogans for the egg-drop
Fabricating the hardware

Testing from the 2nd floor

The egg didn't break!

Another team succeeds!

Josh and I also tried


Dropping eggs from the 3rd floor

With the help of the XSAS team members, all 5 student teams designed great systems to protect an egg from a 2nd and 3rd floor drop. Not a single egg broke all day (even though we had towels prepared just in case). Stay tuned for more pictures and updates from our next Outreach event on March 20th.


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