Sunday, March 7, 2010

XSAS Critical Design Review

Hi, welcome back to XSAS blog!

We just completed our Critical Design Review on February 25, 2010. Let me tell you more about the Critical Design Review (CDR).

CDR is an important step in our preparation for the flight test in Houston this coming up Summer. In CDR, we presented our finalized design for XSAS. Each member of XSAS presented their work in front of faculty member, excom member, and other S3FL students (undergraduate and graduate). Through the presentation, we get critics and inputs to improve our design. After we have the final design of XSAS, we are now ordering components for building XSAS and hoping that the components will get here after Spring Break (after March 7).

We also get a good news about outreach. We get lots of middle school students signed up for the outreach program. We have also ordered the parts for the outreach program.

There's nothing much more I can tell you since we are now in Spring Break and all members are on break. However, we have more fun story to tell you after the break! We will start building XSAS!!! And we will tell you more about how the outreach program goes..

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next weeks blog post.

Devina Sanjaya
EPS &CDH member
Outreach member

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