Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Outreach and XSAS developments

So we had our second to last outreach event for the middle schoolers this past Saturday, and it went successfully. Out of all the team members who came to volunteer, we split into two separate groups to handle two different activities. The first activity was modifying and continuing to test the rovers outside while the second activity was to work and finish the powerpoint presentations. For the presentations, the students will present to their parents, XSAS team members, faculty, and staff next Saturday to conclude the entire outreach series. They will present on the separate structures, electrical, and payload components in their rovers. I was in the group helping out with the presentations and I am happy to say that student groups finished their presentations successfully. It was awesome to see that the students retained what they learned and made powerpoint slides that summarized what they learned in our outreach events.

As for our team, we are continuing to finish and complete our prototype at the Wilson Center while others are working on the TEDP report (it outlines and details our entire project and we need to submit this to NASA). Personally for me, I have been actively working on my portion of the TEDP report, which are the scissor structure and the release overview sections under the payload section. Everybody is going to be very busy with work during these last few weeks of the semester, so we will be putting extra effort into everything we do.

Andrew Lee
Payload and Structures Team Member

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