Monday, April 26, 2010

XSAS Demonstration and TEDP

This week each of the three teams, payload, structures, and C&DH, completed their TEDP and have worked extensively to complete the demonstration which will be held today (Monday April 26th, 2010) in the S3FL lab in the SRB building at 7PM. In this demo, we will showcase a working XSAS free-float model, the release mechanism chassis, and a basic working C&DH system. For the payload (i.e. free-float), the latching mechanism will be shown. For the structure, a working release mechanism and rotation mechanism will be showcased. Finally for the C&DH system, data will be taken from inputs (strain gauge and accelerometer) and written to an SD card. Even though it is the middle of finals period, all the students have been working diligently and long hours to reach our goal for a working demonstration model. We hope to see many of you tonight at our demonstration so don't miss it!

Vivek Kumar
EPS & C&DH Team LEad

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