Monday, April 19, 2010

Semester's End and TEDP

Last Saturday we had our last Outreach event which was a major success. Thank you to all the students and people who helped make this a great program. With classes coming to an end and our TEDP, Test Equipment Data Package, just around the corner, we’ll be busier than ever before. Most of our prototype is built and the chassis, electronics, and payload groups are making their way to a final ground testing rig. Our biggest focus remains on the highly important report, TEDP, which tests if XSAS is ready to fly or not. Most of the report has already been completed, however, the entire report needs to be finalized and each section needs to be carefully revised.
The payload and structure teams now have a completely built prototype and troubleshooting we will be focused with troubleshooting over the coming days. We will be manufacturing more parts as well so that we can meet the demand of a flight unit and chassis for all of our different components. Once these are completed we can move to test XSAS as a whole. With everyone’s exams and final school year preparations happening this week and the next, we still somehow manage to make strong progress on our project.  From me and the entire XSAS team, we thank you for following our program and hope that you continue to follow us over the summer as we complete XSAS and head for microgravity testing. 
Kyle Hagen
Payload and Structures Sub-Team

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